Push Out ‘The Donkey Cutts’ Game Amid Claims of Negative SEO

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Naturally there are going to be a high number of website owners that are less than happy with waking up in a morning to find that their website is facing the wrath of Google, whether that be through manual or algorithmic penalisation and today we have seen that one website has taken their anger and channelled that into a new focus, the commission of a free game aimed at increasing your rankings within the Google search engine results. have revealed ‘The Donkey Cutts' game which has been based off Nintendo's popular Donkey Kong series and features gameplay similar to the pixelated game that so many will be able to remember from their early years of gaming but this time the nature of the game is to select your SEO hero and work your way through the level, collecting positive ranking signals along the way to increase your position within the search engine results.


Including the introduction of Blackhat and Whitehat links, reference to Google Panda and Google Penguin, the game sees a representation of Matt Cutts standing at the top of the level, keeping a watchful eye over your website antics.

In a statement from the voucher code website regarding the reason behind the commission of the game, NetVoucherCodes said:


Not one to take things on face value, I took the time to look into what information I could find from, a software tool that graphs search engine visibility across multiple countries and this is the graph that they have produced:


As you can see, the site seemed to have a strong level of search engine visibility in the early stages but as 2011 rolled around, there was a steep reduction in visibility that has simply never been recovered fully and more recently we are seeing the organic ranking visibility of the site slowly reducing further.

A look at the graph seems to show that there is an issue with the site that is more likely to be related to Google Panda, an algorithmic penalty (personal terminology but some argue that they should be referred to differently) that has been introduced since 2011 and one that ran multiple times within the early stages of the drop that is indicated within the graph, so could this really be about negative SEO attempts?

Obviously without speaking to about their losses in visibility then and now, it's hard to say unless they have a specific message through Webmaster Tools to signal that they have a manual action placed over the site.

One thing that I will share with you guys though is this… Google have confirmed that they have the right to ignore links placed within a Google disavow file should they believe that they have been placed incorrectly or if the request is based on action being taken against a large scale blogosphere style platform such as Tumbler, Blogger, Blogspot or, so if you are going to disavow any sites like these, you will have to take the disavow to a sub-domain level.

Oh and this…


You can play the game on this link.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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