Negative Seo the link takedowns

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Following on from Craig’s post yesterday ….
Let’s say for example I wanted to take down a competitor, in this case it’s my site David Naylor and the keyword is DaveN, Firstly I could quickly log into Ahrefs and collect some data, mainly linking to me with that anchor text:


Create a fake email account on Yahoo maybe and start emailing take down requests.

Let’s Tool up

OK, If I was going to do this properly I would take data from a few source’s like MajesticSEO ( and Ahrefs (  then have a system that spiders and collects the data I need, automatically creates the emails and templates, and a fake screen shot.

I would also be tempted to get a domain similar to or pretend to be the corporate email account like  and I would definitely setup some fake Linkedin and Facebook accounts and add them to the email footers.

Then template an email something like this including a faked screenshot :


I’m really sorry to have to email you but on May 13, 2013 got a “Unnatural inbound links warning”, we did a link clean up and then a Reinclusion Request.

Unfortunately for  the site got turned down with a webmaster tools message of “site still violated Google’s quality guidelines( see below )”, Google did give us 3 examples which is why I’m emailing you now. If at all possible could you please just remove the link on and if you have any other links to could you remove them as well.
made up

Thanks in advance,


Business on Linkedin
Party on Facebook

You could just add the made up text to an email like normal, but I feel the fake screen shot adds something “official”,  don’t you?

Stage 2 would be to just add some bad links in for the same anchor text!

I was going to write a list of places to get bad links but that list would be way too long and I can’t quite work out yet how to protect yourself if this does happen to you, any ideas that would be awesome ..

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