My Ten things I wanted to do

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

1 ) be a fireman or train driver or policeman or work with computers ( yer ever since My DAD bought me a TRS-80 ) : Done

2 ) Get Married and have Kids : ( I have wanted to be a father since I was 18 ) : Done

3 ) See Leeds United play at Wembley ( I saw Leeds beat Liverpool 4-3 Eric Cantona scored a hat-trick in the 1992 Charity Shield ) : Done

4 ) See England in the World Cup finals ( thanks to Tim Mayer and Danny Sullivan, I saw England knocked out by Portugal ) : Done

5 ) Own a Sports Car ( I have had BMW 330 Sports, Calibra Turbo, too Old for a two seater ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Done

6 ) Meet a Billionaire ( Met Larry and Sergey at Google, Thanks Matt) : Done

7 ) VW Camper .. yes it’s still on the list !

8 ) Have sex with Twins … ( never gonna happen, think it was every boy’s dream at my school )

9) Win a Million … Don’t play the Lottery so not sure how to do this

10) Go on a Naturist Holiday .. yer baby swim in the sea nude

what’s the one thing you would still love to DO


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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