Microsoft Offering Seo Services

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

First off thanks to Search Engine Serious for the hat tip I didn’t like it when Google bought a Seo Company, but this is Odd microsoft have put 2 packages together 1 – $5,500.00 and 2 – $8,600.00, ok at present you have to be an ISV, But with the statements like

Did you know your search engine
rankings can be negatively affected by:
• Having more than one company Web site.
• Making content available in multiple places.
• Using flash content.
• Having the name of your product shown only with images or a logo, rather than text.

seems a little weak, and Build an effective link strategy, growing your popularity, traffic, and organic rankings… hmmm link strategy

so what do you get for you dollar
Learn all about the ISV SEO Service through this general explanation of SEO and its benefits to your company's
marketing strategy.

Site Design, Aesthetics, and Usability
Once customers find your Web site, keep them there with a compelling user experience. We provide a critical analysis
of your Web design, layout, and usability from an end-user's perspective. Includes link validation, file sizes and page
load times, cross-browser compatibility, ease of navigation, and form submission.

Search Engine Friendliness (SEF)
Examination of SEF factors, such as page titles, META and ALT tags, headers, keyword usage and density, indexable
page copy, and search engine saturation, can help your Web pages best comply with an engine's ranking criteria.

Web Site Architecture

A comprehensive assessment of your Web site architecture includes W3C standards compliance, robots.txt file check,
URL structure analysis, domain canonicalization, 301 redirection, site maps, custom 404 error page check, IP address,
and hosting concerns.

Link Popularity

A link strategy is a great way to grow your link popularity, traffic, and organic rankings. You'll receive a report on the
quantity of inbound links to the Web site and suggestions for improvement.

Keyword Research Top 10 or Top 50 (depending on package)
The right search term could determine how easily customers find your business. You'll receive a list of relevant
keywords and phrases, including search frequencies to target for optimization.

Keyword Rankings
This ranking report of targeted phrases identifies keywords that can help drive traffic to your site.

Competitor Analysis Package 2 only
Find out how your Web site compares against three competitors in terms of rankings and SEO strategy.

Web Site Analytics Package 2 only
By implementing a strategy for monitoring and analyzing Web site traffic, you can target your marketing efforts on
high-quality leads.

Recommendation Top 5 or Top 10 (depending on package)
Our summary of your most critical issues—and recommendations for their resolution—can help you improve your
Web presence.

Consultation Time 1 – 3 hours depending on packge
Expert SEO consultants are available to provide guidance during the implementation of recommendations.

SEOmoz Online Premium Subscription Offer
Receive a free three-month subscription with the purchase of an annual membership. When you sign up, you'll also
receive exclusive access to SEO articles, Web tools, and insider tips and tricks not available to the general public.

seriously this looks like a traffic power pitch .. sorry guys


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