Matt Cutts Confirms That Article Directories Are Toxic To the Health of Your Site

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Over recent years we have seen the rise and fall of all kinds of link building techniques, many of which that have never been outside the area of breaching Google guidelines however Google are stepping up their defences and are finally taking action on what many would consider to be one of the lowest forms of link buildings, article directory submission.

As with many of the now redundant link building techniques that have fallen by the wayside over recent times, article marketing was a widely used tactic that would allow users to submit content into a low quality website with the sole aim of providing keyword rich backlinks into your site in the hope that they would boost your organic ranking, something that used to work unfortunately.

Although article directory submission techniques are rare within the leading SEO companies these days, there are still individuals that incorporate the tactic into their profile building plan, pushing hundreds of low quality and often spun content into masses of article directories filled with thousands of duplicated, scraped and spun content, meaning that Google naturally believe the sites to be of very little value to anyone using their search engine, if any at all.

Speaking to the masses through a Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts addressed the technique directly, answer a question that was directed at article directory sites specifically:


In the video, Cutts gives a roundabout answer explaining that he would not recommend using article directories, even if related to your niche, as a platform on which to build your backlink profile, giving a more decisive answer via the social networking site Twitter:

Article directories have never been something that we have even contemplated using in our link building plans due to the vast amount of sites out there that are simply generated from 100% scraped and duplicated content, giving off a strong sense that the site is not going to be seen as quality by Google in any month of Sundays, so we strongly advise that you avoid using article directories too.

In the world of post-Panda updates, even exploring such methods are going to prove to be costly on not only the time front but also financially if the online medium is the main aspect of income for your business.

You can see the latest video that covers the question below:

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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