MajesticSEO Releases Own Search Engine And Gives You Data For Why They Rank!

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
MajesticSEO have firmly confirmed their name in the list of the best backlink analysis tools in the industry and makes up one of the most powerful tools that we use in our daily workload but it seems that they are looking to bring something fresh to the table and it looks set to make a BIG splash!

When I was told that there was to be a big announcement from the Backlink Tool giants, I wondered whether it was going to be something that new and never before seen in the battle of the backlink tools but even my wildest imagination didn't see this one coming…

Following the release of their own alpha search engine, the guys at MajesticSEO have once again stepped up their game to release a new feature that not only shows you the ranking websites in order but now they have processed huge amounts of data to present you with their reasons why they rank the sites in that particular order.

The chance to be able to take a deeper look into the reasons behind why a search engine values one site over its counterparts is simply something that many have dreamed about and now MajesticSEO are offering you the chance to be able to get the inside scoop on what could be giving your competitors that edge.

A look at the news reveal on the official MajesticSEO blog explains a little more about how the tool should be used and the screenshot below shows you a little snippet of how the new feature looks:


Taking a look at the feature myself, I found that the information held was very interesting to say the least and offered a step further into the potential spectrum that larger search engines may find themselves in and leads the way in how at least one search engine is willing to share their reasoning behind ranking positions, so I guess that its now over to you Google!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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