Linking Building don’t ever do this !

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

This to me is one of the worst things in the industry at the moment and I really hate it with a passion,.

note the “SEO link” a reference to David Naylor has been used to protect the client and industry it wasn’t SEO related !

A few weeks ago I got an email you know the normal link request one which had multi offers:

“At present we are looking after a lot of large websites and we feel that your site WWW.BRONCO.CO.UK would be a good place to advertise on, we can supply you an article with a Link to our client or just purchase a sidebar or a footer link or you could just add a snippet to this post :”

What was interesting wasn’t the fact that the company had taken time to visit the target site, they offered a snippet of text that could be added to a couple of my articles and they really fitted in well, the snippet read something like :

Just added: I thought I would revisit this post after finding this SEO they seem to offer pretty much the same has Big Seo Corp.”

What surprised me was that the Link was for one of my clients, a client that I work solely with, a client that doesn’t buy links ever and they have no need to lol.. so I thought ok I will run with this, after a few emails backwards and forwards we agree a fee and they sent over a purchase order with a slight amendment :

“Actually, if it’s Ok with you can we use the same snippet and anchor text but we have run out of budget on the “david naylor” account can we just send the link to “Competitor of David Naylor”  ..”

Then it became clear to me they are using my client as a shield just incase it goes south and I out them, so I responded with a No, it’s already gone live, that seemed to piss them enough to ask if they could call me.  I said Yes gave them my really name and phone number, they never called or email back again .. I feel I have a couple of choices now

a) Do nothing and just walk away

b) I have a footprint now so collect links, contact the webmasters see if they pulled the same stunt then Out them… they are a large UK SEO outfit

c) Just send all emails to Googles spam teams

d) Do the same thing with their clients?

But this really pisses me off, It’s right up there with writing to a large companies HR department asking for a  reference for their top inhouse SEO for a laugh

Dave Naylor

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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