Latitude goes into administration wow

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

First off if you think this is going to be a gloating post you are wrong, I have great respect for 2 of the larger SEO companies in the UK. Latitude who I worked along side many years ago for a banking client, and Big Mouth Media ( Andrew quick fire the email off around the office that I’m going to say something nice). I haven’t worked with BMM but I do know Andrew Girdwood quite well and often chatted SEO with him.

What I like about them is how different they are to Bronco, my SEO agency. We don’t have sales people or account managers here or the structure like BMM. I still think we are an  awesome SEO company and we will all kick arse in the playground at lunchtime, but we are less than 10 SEO staff handling less than 20 SEO clients. Companies like BMM and Latitude in my eyes are like large SEO Armies, we are more like Special OPs (seops), that’s not to say that BMM and Latitude don’t have their own inhouse seops they do, its just they tend to be kept locked away behind a paywall of account managers.

So it did come as a little surprise to me when I read this story in the telegraph about the 5 million pounds in loans that are supposed to be getting written off by Barclays, lets keep our fingers crossed that our friends jobs at latitude will be safe. One thing though that I find it hard to work out is how the top level of execs at Latitude can sleep at night knowing that the company is in so much debt, as having good cash flow and cash reserves is the life blood of a company which we have always managed to maintain.


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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