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by Paul Carpenter
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

So it’s my first day as SEO Consultant here at Bronco and I’ve already been tasked with the awful job of introducing myself on Dave’s blog – where people might, you know, actually read it and stuff. I made it the third task on my priority list for the day, after locating the coffee machine (done) and finding a route to the office where I don’t have to ford a stream (failed).

Tittle-tattle aside, I’ve already been looking at some of the great projects underway here. I think it would be fair to say that they’re ‘diverse’ in character and look like tonnes of fun in some pretty challenging markets. Obviously the SEO team here is pretty much second to none and there’s going to be massive opportunities to both learn from and contribute to the success that the guys have already achieved.

I guess this is an ideal time just to introduce myself a little bit in the interests of politeness. I’m officially Paul Carpenter, but I answer to “Carps”, “Carpsio” and “Oi You”. I’ve been working with the internets for (checks watch) a little over a decade now – from my first tentative steps with Notepad and a Beginner’s Guide to HTML, through a varied mix of design and development jobs, to spending the last 3 years deciphering the SERPs and a mixed bag of other stuff like PPC, Analytics and such. I did quite a lot of interesting stuff at my previous position, but when Dave calls it’s a call you have to take and I’m very pleased to find myself with a nice bunch of people to bounce new ideas off. And even more pleased that there’s a proper coffee machine here.

I don’t suppose anyone will thank me if I spend all of my first day wittering on at you like this, so I’m turning over to my first SEO analysis for a new client. Just as soon as I find a suitable pic for my profile so you can see how good looking I am. Catch you on the flipside…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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