James Caan’s Total Business Mastery – When Remarketing Goes Wrong

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

You may or may not have seen a few of the ads for James Caan’s Total Business Mastery around the Internet, but unfortunately for James Slater, our SEO tools developer, for the past few months he’s been stalked by the adverts across the Internets.

Some of the places James has seen the ad include…

When testing speed testing websites:

When reading up on Python:

When reading my blog:

It all became too much for him, so he vented his anger on Twitter:
Jamslater is really looking forward to the day after James Caan's "One Day Seminar".

So thinking about how Remarketing works I realised that it is important to tag your Remarketing landing pages, so you can opt people out of Remarketing ads after so many clicks. So I told James (Slater) to start clicking the ads, sadly I think this just spurred EBA on to deliver him more ads – in fact it probably reset the 30 day cookie (sorry James).

In his frustration, James (Slater) went to the one place where he thought he could safely vent his anger:


So is this a good example of Internet marketing? Not really – they’ve not had the forethought to consider people like our James who don’t want to learn about how to become a millionaire, they’d rather just play more games…

Perhaps not, unlucky James! So why can’t he opt out? He’s tried opting out with Google, now he’s considering an ad blocker or perhaps clearing his cookies. Perhaps Google needs to better regulate Remarketing? It’s not going to be much value to them if people start opting out because of it.

Update: If you want to limit the number of impressions each user gets on the display network, this should help you.

Update: If you are looking for a good post on how to use Remarketing then our post Google Remarketing is probably a good start.

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