I’ve Travelled The World From My Desk

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Well I have spent the last few hours travelling around the globe, no suitcase needed and no passport in sight, instead this journey was taken from my office desk and I have to say that I found the experience one that I would happily take again.

I have been approached to be a tester for the latest release of GeoSurf v3, an online virtual private network (VPN) and I'm pleased to say that like many of the VPN's that I have used before, this one actually delivers what I was looking for, the ability to move about the world so that I could perform localised searches from the countries that I chose.

The setting up of the proxy took roughly 5 minutes as I placed the network onto my PC and then had to install the toolbar but other than that everything fell straight into place for me thanks to the easy to use toolbar that seemed to guide me along every step of the way.

Now back on a serious note, I can quickly see from the software that it has been designed for companies and individuals that are looking to purely view and investigate how the search engines and advertising platforms function for countries across the globe, offering a valuable insight into what exactly internet users in different countries are seeing as they embark on their own online journey.

I say this as it seems that the IP addresses associated with GeoSurf seem to be fixed to one IP address for each territory, meaning that should you do something that would cause a site or search engine to block that IP, your access via that IP and country is removed from possibility.

That being said, the software is effective, easy to use once you set it up, very quick to activate and close and best of all offers you the chance to be able to view the search results in the eyes of your customers, a valuable asset to any international business.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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