iPhone 3GS UK

by Anthony Shapley
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Me and Dave have this morning been discussing the massive backlash O2 have been getting regarding the new iPhone 3GS which they have managed to keep exclusive rights on with Apple. However if a iPhone or iPhone 3G user wishes to upgrade to the new iPhone 3GS from there earlier handset they have to pay out there existing O2 contract in full, then buy the new Handset with a new 18 month contract.

For me (since I only got the iPhone 3G 2 months ago) would cost a total of: 35 * 16 = £560 to pay off my contract and another £200 odd to take out the new contract. So quite a lot. However I don’t get peoples issue with it. I took out an 18 month contract so I expect to keep my handset for an 18 month duration before changing it. Why does every other iPhone user think that they should be treated differently to every other mobile phone subscriber?

Personally I think O2 created a rod for there own back by offering a discount when people went from the iPhone to the iPhone 3G. They didn’t have to do it then and they don’t have to do it now.. quit whining about it!

Dave owns a HTC which he recently got, you don’t hear him ranting because they’re just releasing a new one and he has to pay off his contract to get it. Or any other HTC customer for that matter..

Anyway.. thats just my thought on it.


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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