Internal Linking Road Map

by Craig Addyman
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I'm currently working on a client's site and as part of the audit process I noticed the internal linking was poor and their main landing pages had only one or two links going to them. One such way to combat this was to improve the sites main navigation, this has been difficult though due to the sites platform that it is being run on; sadly it's very restrictive and pretty much locked down – Luckily they are moving to something a little more bespoke to their needs so it shouldn’t be a problem moving forwards.

Anyways I was just thinking of ways I could improve the internal linking process of manually adding in-content links throughout the sites pages (as opposed to the main navigation I wanted to originally improve) and I came up with the following:

Fire up ScreamingFrog and go to Configuration – Custom. You should see a dialog box as follows;

internal linking road map 1

Next fill each filter with a different target keyword, for example if you had a landing page that you were trying to improve the internal linking to, that was about ‘Paint' you might add that keyword along with ‘red paint' and ‘blue paint' if of course they are relevant to what you were selling/promoting.

Next add your domain for the tool to spider and hit Start, you may want to add some further configurations to the tool before you go but I'll leave that up to you (Hint: Slow the speed down so you don't upset anyone).

Once the tool has finished running, navigate your way to the Custom tab and start working through your filters and Export each one.

linternal linking roadmap

As you can see a quick crawl of for the term ‘Search Marketing' has brought up a bunch of pages I could quickly search through and add internal links to. I'd love to see SF add additional filters as there are endless uses for them!

Hope this helps!!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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