Instant Alphabet

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Dave mentioned today that people have been going on asking how to rank for single letters! This is kind of stupid once you realise how it works – it actually shows the results for the query it is suggesting, so if you type “a” on – it doesn’t show you the results for “a” it shows you the results for “Amazon”.

Some brands are undoubtedly going to benefit from this, so without further ado, here is the “Instant Alphabet” – the brands that are going to benefit most from this new change.

A is for… Argos Amazon
B is for… BBC Best Buy
C is for… Currys Craigslist
D is for… Debenhams Dictionary
E is for… Ebay Ebay
F is for… Facebook Facebook
G is for… Google Maps Gmail
H is for… Hotmail Hotmail
I is for… ITV Ikea
J is for… John Lewis Jet Blue
K is for… KLM Kohls
L is for… Lotto Lowes
M is for… MSN Mapquest
N is for… Next Netflix
O is for… O2 Orbitz
P is for… PayPal Pandora
Q is for… QVC Quotes
R is for… Rightmove Rei
S is for… Sky Sears
T is for… Tesco Target
U is for… Utube Usps
V is for… Virgin Verizon
W is for… Weather Weather
X is for… Xbox Xbox
Y is for… YouTube Yahoo
Z is for… Zara Zillow

So what do you guys think, are these the biggest brands on Google for each letter? I’m guessing it is the brand with the most amount of searches for that letter gets shown.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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