How to setup Feedburner on WordPress using MyBrand for SEO

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

If you haven’t signed up for Feedburner and you are unsure what to do, or if you already have and you want to get your feedburner address as part of your own brand (e.g. instead of and you want to ensure you have got it setup correctly for SEO.

1. Signup

Get yourself over to Feedburner and get an account, once signed up you need to add your WordPress feed (default is and pick yourself a feedburner address: e.g. if in doubt, check the image below:

Initial Feedburner Setup

Initial Feedburner Setup

2. Settings > Analyze

You need to ensure you have everything setup correctly, we’ll start with the “Analyze tab”.

Analyze Tab

Analyze Tab

Goto Configure Stats and make sure you have the “item link clicks” unticked, like so:

Configure Stats

Configure Stats

If you do decide to tick it, ensure you have “optimize for search engine ranking” selected and not “complete item use statistics”, the reason is that the first will provide a 301 redirect to your content, but the latter will only do a 302 redirect. But ideally we don’t use either so we can get a straight link out of it.

3. Settings > Optimize

Next go to the optimize tab:

Optimize Feedburner

Optimize Tab

Here we want to enable “BrowserFriendly”, “SmartFeed” and “FeedFlare”.

Optimize Settings

Optimize Settings

4. Settings > Publicize

Publicize Feedburner

Publicize Tab

Next you want to Enable “BuzzBoost”, “Email Subscriptions” (you don’t have to do this, especially if you already have an email newsletter), “PingShot”, “Creative Commons” and “NoIndex” (untick both boxes in this one – we want them indexed).

5. Setting up MyBrand – FeedBurner on your own domain name

First you’re going to need to setup a subdomain CNAME record going to feedburner, to find the instructions for this, go to My Accounts > MyBrand.

Go to My Account

Go to My Account

My Brand

My Brand

In this section you can setup your domains, it works as follows.

If your FeedBurner feed is currently and you set your MyBrand feed specific domain name as then your Feedburner feed will now be located at (don’t worry the original Feedburner feed will still resolve).

If you go to this new URL (e.g. you should see your existing FeedBurner feed.

6. Redirecting your existing feed

The easiest way of redirecting your feed is by downloading and setting up the FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin.  You can also do a manual redirect in the .htaccess file, if you do this ensure you follow Google’s guidelines so you don’t create an infinite loop.

Best of luck, any questions/queries please post them below 🙂

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