Has Bing Stolen Some Of Google’s Market Share?

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

We were having a look at this today and were wondering if Bing is driving more traffic to websites than previously. So we had a look at a few clients:

Client 1 (Home & Garden Sector) – Organic Only

December 2009
Bing share of visits = 1.68%

December 2010
Bing share of visits = 4.26%

Increase in share from 1.68% to 4.26%, which is a 154% increase in market share.

Client 2 (Clothing & Fashion Sector) – Paid & Organic

December 2009
Bing share of visits = 2.46%

December 2010
Bing share of visits = 3.21%

Increase in share from 2.46% to 3.21%, which is an increase in market share of 30%.

The problem with looking at market share from this point of view is it is very difficult to take into account what rankings & search volumes were like in the two months and what level of pay per click advertising was being run on each client.

The best way of looking at market share is using Hitwise, sadly I can’t get hold of the historical data, does anyone know how or have a copy of this? It would be interested to see if Bing has gained market share or not.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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