Hackers and Spammers, How will the industry survive

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I don’t think this is any secret, well I hope it isn’t, thats the 2 worlds are getting closer and closer. This year I have had suggestions like: (which I would like to state I haven’t done any of them):

a) Can you market this idea, we hack into a competitors server, then add a load of gateway pages, get some TLA links, and ping your competitor is gone.

b) We Hack your competitor, and add Robots.txt file to kill the site or No-follow every Internal link.

c) We can Hack site for Links, Edu are easy, Gov’s are more risky so I have to charge $25 dollars extra.

d) We can hack large PR site and put your competitor sites on them to cause dupe content issues.

e) We have large amounts of Data from XXXXXX search engine, users email and passwords.. any ideas what to do with it.

f) We have all the data from this website XXXXXX you want a copy.

g) We can get anything PR4 or below removed from Google within 3 weeks, example sites are …..

h) We can buy links on a network that will get the client banned.

i) Can you blog a month of link buys, where you out sites that are buying links. We will pay you £20,000 you have to mention site xxxxx.co.uk and here is the bought links report.

I remember having a chat with some Webmasters and some Googlers about if your purchased links to a competitors site could you get it banned, the Googlers obviously said why would you do that, you run the risk off helping them rank better, my argument has always been if you spend 10 million on PPC and just move 10 % into competitor disruption you will cost them a lot more if you can knock them from above you, yes you run the risk of making them rank better, but hey they rank better already..

Anyway I see this year has been the worst for Blackhat SEO we have ever seen, so the best Whitehat advice I can give at the moment is take an audit.

a) Who has access to the Site

b) Set up weekly checks, document changes, folder creation, user creation

c) Get your backlinks in order, set up webmaster style consoles with the search engines and archive off the data.

d) Start a record of events, on this date we employed SEO abc company, on this date we use Mr XXXXX for viral campaign

c) Check what’s happening in your industry and log that and form strategic partnerships with your competitors where you can.

e) Don’t trust anyone


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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