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by David Naylor
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I do this slightly tongue in cheek, with the massive outcry from Twitter and comments on the Blog, I decided to write why I let guest blogging happen on David Naylor.

From an SEO point of view when I am approached with the "can I write a guest post" I think, are you sure you understand your actions? Ask yourself why would this blog accept a guest post, it's easy to see its high profile isn't it. Take the EU cookie post we did which was an in-house effort and we thought it would be fun, it drove 14,445 and got 644 tweets.

Ok, people wouldn't know what traffic I actually got but 644 tweets you would have to say this blog is getting some traffic, lol and it's an SEO site which often runs tests in Google see here so you would have to ask yourself why would this Blog allow Guest Posts? Well it's simple I wanted to see what Google would do, would it hurt my site or hurt the guest bloggers site. I mean it shouldn't right they didn't pay me and I marked them as guest posts and ok I gave them clean links ( on the link side I actually moved the content with the links to the top of the posts on both, the guest posts had originally added their links to the base of the post, I wanted everyone to know they were guest posts !)

So with the 2 guest posts would Google handle my blog differently? Now the first post was titled:
The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

And the second Understanding Twitter Basics

So the Guest Post ranked OK in Google, traffic was less than average

But they still got tweeted, the first one 62 times and got 615 visits and the second 57 times and got 280 visits, which makes you think, what the hell did people actually find in that stuff useful?

I also setup some tracking just to see what happens in Google :

I will monitor the effects see if the site moves up or down but like every test once it's out the results can be messed with.

So maybe Guest posting works well, time will tell…. if you want to write for .. haha only joking 😉

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