Google’s Matt Cutts Announces He Is Going on Leave – Picture Inside!

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Head of Google Web Spam team Matt Cutts yesterday announced that he would be stepping out of the Google limelight and taking up the chance to be able to spend more time with his wife after a promise to spend more time with his partner ran over by almost ten years!

Unlike his more recent breaks from the online community, Matt revealed that he was not looking to embark on another of his "30 day challenges" this time around, instead he would be taking a couple of months off in order to finally make good on an agreement that he had with his wife when he first started working for Google.

In a blogpost that he posted on his personal blog yesterday, Matt revealed "I agreed that I would work for 4-5 years, and then she'd get to see more of me." However the agreement never came into practise as time continued to pass until now, fifteen years on from his inception at the search engine giants and he is finally going to allow himself to spend valuable time with his wife.


Revealing that he will be starting his "few months" leave from next week, Matt explained that his scheduled leave will take him up until the end of October, meaning that the spam team were going to be without their most publicised asset throughout the summer but Cutts was quick to highlight that the team were "more-than-capable" of continuing the fight against spam, admitting that "they're much better at spam fighting than I am".

With the news set to be a crushing blow to those that try to get answers out of Matt in their time of need, he pointed out that sending him emails would be a timely exercise, saying in bold letters within his post "I won't be checking my work email at all while I'm on leave", something that is completely understandable with the leave meant to be about spending time with his family, away from the high profile position in which he holds.

In an effort to shed a little more light into the reasoning behind the announcement, Matt revealed a mini question and answer section within his post, discussing the reason behind the leave, re-confirming that he would not be looking at any work related email, highlighting where you can reach out to Google for help and a brief insight into what he will be doing during his time away from Google.

Questions are already being jokingly asked about a potential threat of the Google Penguin update release being pushed while Matt is absent and with the projection of the update seeming to have been focused towards last month, we have to be due something along the lines, however as usual Google are not making comment or care to even brush over that possibility.

Edit: The news that Matt is about to dance out of the Google door for a couple of months seems to have reached the spam team and in their mission to make sure that we don’t miss them, they have taken their biggest action against spam in recent years…


*Don’t panic, it was only a short term loss of service… No need to unplug your electricals in fear of the robot apocalypse just yet!

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