Google Webmasters Update: Index Status (oh and another Panda update)

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

You should find a lovely new graph in Google Webmaster Tools today, under health, it’s called “Index Status”, check it out:

As you can see from this website, it’s in a reasonable good condition.

Now for exhibit B:

On this one we can see the website has been performing quite well but there are some teething problems that have started to grow – this is one of my clients so I best nip this in the bud before it gets to be a big issue.

Finally, our worst culprit:

As you can see, this website has big issues, or does it? For example, in the announcement of Index Status entitled Behold Google index secrets, revealed! they talk about how urls blocked in robots.txt are not included, but what if you are using the robots meta tag to noindex stuff? I know that this particular website noindexes a lot of pages, so I think further clarification is needed on Google here, either that or they need to improve the functionality. A help article would really be handy here, as you can see people are already coming up with issues over on the Google Webmaster Tools Help Forum.

So, useful stuff, I know I’m pleased and I’ve already been checking all my clients to see if there any gains to be made.


Also announced yesterday was the latest Panda update, nobody at Bronco has seen any change as of yet, but we’re expecting to see something over the next few days as it appears to take a few days to take effect (judging from past roll outs over in the UK).

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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