Google Tool Bar Not Supported In New Firefox Update

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I have always liked to be able to have quick access to a number of features that are available to me through my Google toolbar and being a Mozilla Firefox user the ease of adding in the Google tool bar has made that possible but after caving into the numerous requests to update my browser.

The decision to update the Firefox browser to Firefox 5 seemed to have removed my Google toolbar from existence, something that I knew I would have to look deeper into, after all, nobody likes too much change do they?

Well on research into how to get my tool bar back into commission, I found this on the Google help section, basically outlining that the newest version of Firefox no longer supports the Google toolbar!

The post reveals that although I can't have the toolbar back unless I downgrade my Firefox version but if I want to enable the same functions as were available to me through the Google tool bar add-on I can add a number of others to replace it.

The sheer fact that now I have to go out and download as many as 8 new add-ons to my browser is not only time consuming but frustrating too, especially since my previous install featured just one.

An interesting point that has been made on the post is that Google are taking a firm step to signify that they have no responsibility for the replacements that I would have to add to enable my former browser settings, where as previously i haven’t seen such a strong showing that they do not support the add-ons they name (could just be me?!).

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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