Google: “We Are Taking Action Against French Link Network”

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Google have clearly upped their ante when it comes to the penalisation of link networks over recent months with a number of popular link selling platforms being found and destroyed and they have done it again with the news that they have identified a French network that is in breach of their webmaster guidelines.

Buzzea, the name of the link network, have already revealed to their customers that they have received the penalisation that Google's Matt Cutts revealed would be applied and informed their customers that they will be closing down following the extensive penalisation issues that they have encountered at the hands of the search engine giants.

In a post on their website (translated into English), Buzzea revealed:

"This marks the end of an adventure for our team but also the end of our collaboration with thousands of publisher sites, agencies and advertisers who have given us their trust.

We have enjoyed working for 4 years, allowing bloggers to remunerate their work and influence in all areas because it is a largely underestimated by the general public but also by communication services activity."

Although the French based network acknowledged that they had been penalised by Google, they seemed to take offence from the fact that they were being depicted as a "link network", claiming that they were the opposite of that, something that their aim was to simply focus on "quality and natural links" for advertisers that were looking to improve their influence.

Many that knew about Buzzea before it was mentioned by Matt Cutts in his tweet that revealed the action, knew that the network was being used to produce paid, unnatural links which will now be seen to be having a negative effect on those that opted to use the network with ranking reductions and possible penalisation being passed onto the sites that were part of the advertising client base.

With Anglo Rank from Blackhat World Forums already being exposed and now the French ran Buzzea being the latest network to have action taken against it, Google's Matt Cutts has said that Google's next country focus is Germany.

Clearly the size of the Buzzea network has lead to its creators to simply close down and change focus, something that was not replicated by Anglo Rank as they said that they would rebuild and come back stronger, Buzzea on the other hand have simply rolled over and accepted their fate.

I guess in this instance, Google have beaten one of the many link networks in circulation at the moment…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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