Google Set To Release Another ‘Spammy Query’ Update Today

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Search engine giants Google make no secret of their desire to clean up their organic search engine results and that is echoed through their willingness to release various algorithmic updates both periodically and through manual activation, often at times so close to others that it can be hard to establish which of them have taken effect against your site.

We already know that Google Panda 4.0 has already rolled out within the search engine alongside what many refer to as the ‘Pay Day Loan Algorithm' just a few weeks ago but it seems that while speaking at SMX Advanced, Google's head of webspam Matt Cutts revealed that they haven't finished yet, with a third generation of the so called ‘Pay Day Loan Update' potentially being rolled out as early as today.


Speaking about the algorithmic update, Cutts revealed that the release that took place a couple of weeks ago was aimed specifically at websites that were spammy both in appearance and creation, while the upcoming 3.0 release would be focusing more on the queries than the sites that rank for them.

Speculation towards which of the search queries will be looked at by the update seem to be focused around casino, pay day loans and pharma style searches, although Google have not given a complete listing of what terms they believe to fall within the potential damage zone of this release.

Google releasing two similar updates within a close period of time is not something that will shock too many people as it has been done before, however previously these double releases were more focused towards cleaning up potential issues that Google identified following their initial roll out, including penalisation of sites that weren't really bad enough to warrant such strong actions and the further capture of others that had somehow bypassed the first run.

Although it is thought that Google are ready to roll up the update, the potential threat of this being actioned today is yet to be seen as we know that Google love to hand out headaches on a Friday evening but according to SERoundtable, Cutts said it "may launch today, or maybe tomorrow".

We will be keeping an eye on a vast number of keyword rankings across a variety of some of terms that many deem to be ‘spammy', so if something is happening, we should be able to see the aftermath!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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