Google Say No Update Over The Weekend – Results Suggesting Otherwise?

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Okay so earlier today I created a post that was focused towards the organics movement that was being witnessed across the online community and asked whether it was possible that the search engine giants could have finally rolled out an update of their Google Panda algorithm, an algorithm that had not seen a refresh in data since back in October 2014 according to Google's John Mueller.

Data from three separate tools show the movements felt…

Within the article I revealed that the impact that was witnessed on search engine positions across some of the sites that we either work with or track as part of our competitor analysis were evident that something more than standard fluctuations were underway over the past weekend, however it seems that Google have told Barry at SERoundtable that there was no update.

Although we can't see any of the official response from Barry's request for answers as it isn't mentioned within his post here, we know that generally he is able to get the information needed to be able to draw official comments from the search engine giants and so we have to now take a look at what the movements could have been that have seen the rankings of the sites affected move so rapidly.

It seems strange that Google have ruled out that there was an update over the weekend due to the outcry that seems to have come from the changes that have been seen far and wide, with social networking site Twitter alive with the sound of discontent and elation as those who saw change question and prise their findings.

One Twitter user particularly felt strongly that there was a Google Panda influence over the alterations witnessed, Glenn Gabe sharing a screenshot of a Google Analytics graph that showed what he deemed to be about an 85% decrease in traffic to one site:

As you could have already seen in the previous post that I pushed out today, we also saw strong movements within different niche industries, with some rankings seeing increases of double figure movement of a positive nature, while drops for the same client are minor movement.

Although we tend to look to Google to come clean and tell us when they update their algorithms, questions have to be asked regarding whether they truly respond to requests for more information in situations like this as all of the noise seems to point to the complete opposite to the response that they have given?

So do you feel that Google has altered something without telling us publically based on your own movements this weekend or could this be a huge, natural fluctuation that simply benefits the few that are making the noise right now?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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