Google Roll Out Another Wave Of Link Warnings

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

We have been made aware that Google have once again stepped up their fight against unnatural links by rolling out their latest stream of ‘Unnatural Link' warning notices through their Webmaster Tools notification system.

Looking at the sites that seem to have reported that they have received one of the latest messages, it looks clear that the impact of ‘scraper' sites that have cloned content from sites through simply pulling the complete content into a new page within their own site, could well have lead to a sea of sites now having to assess their backlink profiles.

Clearly Google are embarking on a new push to clean up the search engine results that they serve to users but have they done so in a manner that is about to punish legitimate sites for the actions of others that they have no control over?

We, just like many other agencies will be looking for ways to advise those that come to us with the issues that come with the receipt of these warning notices and so will be looking for common factors within the sites that are presented to us, things such as:

  • Have they been subjected to scraper sites pulling their content?
  • What does their anchor text distribution percentages look like?
  • Do the sites have redirected domains into them in order to boost links?

There are so many questions that need to be asked and investigated but we'll be sure to share our findings should we be able to unlock the trigger factors for the latest hits, given the chance.

If you have not checked your Google Webmaster Tools account, we strongly suggest that you do as previous roll outs have been followed up with dramatic losses in rankings that take place roughly about 10 days after the day of issue of the warning, so you need to act fast in order to prevent too much reaction.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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