Google Reveal Penguin Update Simply Not Ready For Release

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

With websites owners across the world struggling to deal with their Penguin 2.0 aftermath, it seems that the long awaited question of when the algorithmic update will run again has finally been asked and John Mueller has finally given us a little more insight into where the update is.

During a Google Webmaster Central hangout on Google Plus, Mueller was asked directly whether the Google Penguin update could be pushed into the search results to allow those affected to see whether they have done enough to recover, however the reply was not what many will have hoped for as Mueller explained that the update simply wasn't ready to be rolled out.

Answering the question asked by Josh Bachynski earlier this week, John shed a little more light onto the stage of where the update is at right now, saying that the update was not just a basic "tweak", going on to explain that Google Penguin needs "a complete rerun" of data and saying that Google don't just "randomly" do that because with the upcoming release of the update, they need to make sure that they are using "the right type of data" to ensure that they get it right.

As many are aware, Google like to implement their algorithmic changes on data held behind closed doors as they look to see what level of improvements have been made by the changes released and Mueller explained that if there are issues that are found to be within the algorithm, they need to tweak and re-test it until they are happy with the resulting data.

Google Penguin last ran over 10 months ago, taking with it a vast number of websites that were detected to have broken their algorithmic rules, taking action against those sites with a crushing reduction of their organic search engine results and the prospect of having to wait for the next update to escape those, even if they are able to clean up their faults within a matter of weeks.

With smaller businesses suffering at the hands of the update, Google are being questioned surrounding their development schedule of the next update and with no way to request a manual review of an impacted website, smaller businesses have found themselves having to rebrand or simply try to change their revenue model.

You can see the full Google Webmaster Central hangout below, or click on the link above to hear John being asked the question and find out his answer:

Without consistency towards the release of these updates, chatter has been heard to be asking whether Google have a case to answer in relation to delayed update of their action, leaving smaller bespoke brands into a painfully slow decline and I can personally see what there could be a reason to question whether there is a case of neglect in relation to their development time and lack of consistency in dates of release but with a much wider responsibility to users of their search engine, is their lack of conviction to push out an under developed update better for the search hemisphere?

Sorry small business, I think so.

There are loads of opinions surrounding the topic and we know that there are a number of readers that are potentially suffering at the hands of this delay and I would love to hear from you to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment below.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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