Google Reveal Latest Casualty of Private Link Network Cull

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Search engine giants Google have been working hard to continue their battle against the buying and selling of links that are designed to manipulate organic search engine rankings and following their reveal of action being taken against ‘Anglo Rank' they have repeated their showcasing with another name added to the list, confirmed to be

Head of Google's Web Spam team, Matt Cutts, once again took to social networking site Twitter to share the news, tweeting out on Friday of last week that another claim of a private network sales pitch was incorrect, appearing to taunt the owners with the following message:


The latest tweet once again showed that the owner of the private link selling network had claimed that their operation was undetectable by search engine robots, something that the latest network to have been discovered shared with the previously revealed ‘Anglo Rank'.

With conversation on Twitter seeming to show that interested followers of Cutts wanted the announcements to become a weekly feature, Cutts joked that Google were playing with the idea of taking requests over their next target.

Reaction surrounding the announcement seems to be split, with those that have not purchased links from the affected site saying that it was a positive move by Google while discussions on Black Hat World seem to feel that Matt Cutts should be held accountable for the penalisation of websites that are targeted within the actions that the search engine giants take against participants in the link schemes.


One post writer revealed that it was not illegal to participate in "spamming Google" and said that it was "crazy" that Cutts was able to "ruin businesses" with his work.

Obviously those that have been affected by the destruction of the link networks are feeling that they have been hard done by, however Google clearly outline that the purchase of backlinks with the purpose of manipulating their search engine results is against their quality guidelines and so are more than able to action penalties as they have done recently.

The SEO market has become an increasingly ‘dirty' place to be at the moment with the vast amount of Blackhat services that are being offered as an alternative solution to the real practise of improving your website and optimising the structure to aid search engine crawlers and spiders to make sense of your site, especially as many website owners seem to fail to keep up to date with the happenings of their website.

One website owner made contact with to highlight that they had been issued with a penalty warning following the actions taken against and assured him that they had never purchased any links from the network, however that email was soon withdrawn following notification that the SEO in-charge of the site had done so.

As private link networks continue to fall by the wayside, more seem to be making their way into creation and will soon be looking to open their doors to anyone that is interested in purchasing their ‘service' so will Google be able to keep up the heat or will the task ahead result in a game of cat and mouse for years to come?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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