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by David W
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Dave asked me to do a quick review of Google Related. Basically it’s a little bar that sits on the bottom of your browser providing you with related information. It’s quite handy, you can download it here.

For example, say I visit then here is what kind of information I get:


If you rollover this image on Google Related a useful Google Map pops out so you can see where the business is located.


If you rollover this tab it pops out with a few reviews and you can click through to find more reviews from other sites.

Related Places (Competitors)

Rollover this and you get related businesses/places in the “local” area.

Related Web Pages (Typically review sites)

Rollover the Web tab and it expands to show a preview of around 5 or so web pages, no doubt using Google Instant.

On the whole it’s not a bad extension, but if you go to Dave’s site ( it’s not quite as good – it pulls in people that aren’t Dave but have the same name. Perhaps this could be improved using the rel=”me” tag – but I’m not sure.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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