Is Google About To Put Adwords Keyword Data into Darkness?

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

UPDATE: It seems that the panic is over and you can see why here.

UPDATE: This has now been announced by Google here.

There has been discussion recently that Google have said that they are looking to address an issue with the ‘Not Provided' information that we are all seeing on the increase within Google Analytics and many were hopeful that it would see the search engine giants take a step back and reduce the intensity of the data blackout to give them a little more intel into how their users are finding their website within the organic results.

Although Google have acknowledged that they realise that website owners that are not using the Google advertising platform, Adwords, are not being offered the same level of intelligence (Adwords is currently still passing keyword data) they are going to address the issue.

Speculation has been building towards how Google will lean in order to offer a level service to all users but over at SERoundtable they claim that they have heard from a source that instead of giving us back some of that data on the non-Adwords level, they are instead going to turn off keyword data in their Adwords platform.

This could be a bold move by Google as there will be a number of websites that have considered using the pay per click network in order to collate information that it is offering and switching that off could well mean that any of those sites that are simply using it as a way to be able to find out more about their site are likely to pause their usage of the advertising platform.

Google have not made their train of thought over the issue public but an announcement is expected to be released shortly surrounding what they have done with the data, so expect to see them switch off the keyword data passing within their Adwords platform.

How will this affect your site?

Will you reconsider using the platform if your data is being reduced to the same level of that non-advertisers are experiencing? 

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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