Google Penguin Update Could Happen Next Week

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Search engine giants Google have maintained that they are still working on the next generation of Google Penguin as site owners across the globe either profit or suffer from the aftermath of the previous update back in October 2013 but almost one year on, we have been given information that seems to suggest that they could be ready to finally run their update again with an improved algorithm.


According to SearchEngineLand, Google's Gary Illyes took to the stage at Search Marketing Expo East and revealed that Google may be ready to launch their latest Google Penguin algorithm on the world "sometime next week".

Speaking about the potential release, Illyes explained that it should not be considered as a ‘refresh' as such as the work that they have put into the algorithm demands a much bigger impact, fitting in perfectly to the terminology of being the next generation of the update, a term that we see more frequently used with the Google Panda update, albeit simply due to the increased presence that the update has within the yearly calendar.

While speaking at the expo, Illyes also pointed out that Google could have rolled out the Penguin update more frequently than they have done, however they wanted to make sure that their next release would please users and would make things "easier a bit" for webmasters.

We already know that when Google break their silence about any update that they are releasing, it tends to mean that we are going to see a largescale shake up within the organic rankings and with almost 12 months of development being put into this upcoming release, we are looking forward to seeing the impact that it has on the increasingly spammy marketplaces that we see across various niches.

Google are currently testing their latest creation and hope that the final results of those tests allow them to roll Penguin out on an external basis, however with them very unlikely to tell us what the impact looks like internally, we have a nervous wait as people begin to frantically clean up their website link profiles, but if you are one of those people it seems that you might be out of luck.

During his talk at the expo, Illyes revealed that if you are thinking about creating a disavow file with new link in there now, you are unlikely to see the benefit of that within the upcoming update, so good luck to all and please feel free to let me know how you get on should the update land as expected.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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