Google Penguin Is Coming in 2014 and Disavow Files Are Read Continuously

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Okay guys well since there has been a couple of things that have been banded around the community since our last post of the site, I thought that I would look to cover two of the issues that seem to be getting the most questions at the moment, the first being when the next Google Penguin update is coming and the other being how quickly are links placed in the disavow file in Webmaster Tools processed.

Firstly the Google Penguin news, according to a Google Webmaster Help video that has been published with Google's John Mueller at the helm, Google are still working on the much awaited update that has seen thousands of sites fail to regain rankings across a variety of niches and when asked directly about whether we would see the update happen this side of the new year, Mueller told us that he thinks that it is pretty sure that it will, however there could be issues along the way that would delay the release.

Twitter user @edwardjohnnash asked John "Will the Penguin 3.0 launch in 2014?" and John responded to the question during the hour long video 54 minutes and 45 seconds in, saying "My guess is yes. But as always there are always things that can happen between. I am pretty confident we will have something in the reasonable future. But not today, so we will definitely let you know when it is happening."

You can see hear the full answer that John gives in the video below:

In the other interesting news that comes out of the Google camp, again via John Mueller, there was a question directed to the Googler surrounding whether it was a problem to move a website over to the HTTPS version in regards to the Google Disavow file that they had in place.


Mueller tweeted back to the question and replied "no, the disavow file is processed continuously, that's no problem with moving to https."

Although the answer was directed at two Twitter users, there is a diamond of information within that response that can offer comfort to everyone reading this, that being that the disavow file is being processed all of the time, so if you are one of those sites that are having to monitor your backlink profile as closely as possible to avoid any negative or scraper style damage, adding those infringing link instances as soon as possible should allow you to protect yourself quickly.

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