Google Penguin Is A Slow “Refresh” Worldwide Rollout – Weeks Not Days

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

The much awaited Google Penguin update was delivered at the back end of last week and with huge expectations it rolled into motion as webmasters watched on in hope that they either recovered from previous actions or avoid the current algorithm factors that could have put their website at risk.

We are not the only ones that were a little underwhelmed by the impact that the update has brought already and in my previous post I pointed out that we thought that there was more to come from the update that has taken over a year to create and it seems that I was right…

Google's Pierre Far publically shared more information about the latest Penguin 3.0 update than we have previously been able to extract from the small snippets of information that were given by the search giants, with one of the main figures associated with the update being held back out of sight, until now.

pierre far

Posting to his Google Plus account, Pierre Far revealed that the latest Penguin update had impacted "fewer than 1% of queries in US English search results" and explained that the release had two main focuses, the first being to allow those that were previously affected by the update back in October 2013 to recover should they have taken action against the spam that put them there in the first place, while the other was to capture and dampen the rankings of sites that were found to have spam that had not previously had action taken against it.

With so many sites that we would have expected to have seen to have been taken out of the rankings across various marketplaces, we speculated yesterday that the update would be taking much longer to roll out fully than previous releases and Far shared more on that too, saying that "It's a slow worldwide rollout, so you may notice it settling down over the next few weeks."

So if you have bypassed actions on your site thus far and you know that you have been spamming your way to the top of the search engine results pages, it might be best that you don't celebrate too much just yet as we are seeing almost hourly fluctuations and ranking drops on a variety of sites that we outlined should be subjectable to Google Penguin and they are going… However slowly…

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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