Google Penguin 2.0 Has Landed – War on Spam Continues

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

The much anticipated Google Penguin update has finally become a reality following confirmation that the latest generation of the algorithm update has been rolled out throughout their search engine results pages and it seems to be causing a stir.

Last night it was revealed that the off-page update was finally switched on following weeks of speculation as to when the update would be actioned and sources show that Google's Matt Cutts revealed that an expected 2.3% of English based terms were going to be affected by the roll out.


Google Penguin has been an integral part of the war against spam that Google have pledged in order to eliminate blackhat driven websites from their search engine results and combined with the release of rolling updates of Google Panda (on-page algorithm), the fight for a cleaner search engine is firmly in motion however there is much more to come if a previous Webmaster Help video is anything to go by.

Although the release of the new generation of Google Penguin is now already in place, the video seems to hint towards further filtering alterations that the search engine giants are working on and from what we can see within the search engine results at the moment in time, many of those are still to come…

Many website owners expressed their opinion towards how they hoped that the Google Penguin update would help to clean up some of the harder industries to conquer, payday loans and gambling being just two of a large number, however it seems that some of the results that still feature within the search results are spam generated sites that have clearly seen a vast number of automated backlinks forced into a domain in order to manipulate the rankings.

Personally I feel that there is a shakeup still waiting to happen and it will be coming in the near future but in the meantime make sure that you are keeping your link building and promotional efforts as clean as possible because there is no way that Google have finished with the search results just yet…

If you want to revisit the video that Matt Cutts explains what we can expect to come from Google in the next few months, you can see it below:

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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