Google Panda Rolls Out Monthly but Google Cushion the Blow With Slower Release

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

google-pandaGoogle are continuing their fight to clean up their search engine results and with the introduction of two algorithmic updates, Google Panda and Google Penguin, it seems that they have really taken a step closer to showing that they mean business.

Both of the updates focus on specific areas to do with a website and are thought to be able to work together in order to rightfully eliminate low quality websites from their search engine results however we all know that there is plenty of room for improvement at this point in time across a variety of niches.

With Google Panda the first of the two updates to be introduced into the rankings, we were told that Panda would be focusing on low quality content, the cloaking of content and duplicated content on a site, leading to people to assume that the update was focused towards on-site elements that the website owners can control directly and more importantly, be held accountable for.

With earlier updates of Panda being announced to the public following release, we were told by Google back in March this year, that they would no longer be reporting the release schedule of the update following their decision to merge the update into the algorithm to run in-line with their ranking algorithm on a frequent basis.

With Panda now a hidden assassin to low quality sites, we had previously seen that fluctuations were more common within the search results, however there was no earthquake effect like previous instances of the update and now we know why.

While at SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts of Google Web Spam team, revealed that Panda was now a rolling update that had been worked into algorithm, however roll outs of the checks were still done on a rough, monthly basis however rather than forcing the update into action over a short period Google opted to allow the changes to take effect over 10 days, making Google Panda less hard hitting and more of a gradual reduction in rankings.

Google Penguin at this point in time is still an update that Google need to activate internally and is designed to focus more on the elements that are considered to be off-site, including your backlinks quality and anchor text percentages. Google have recently pushed what they called the new generation of Google Penguin (branded Penguin 4 or Penguin 2.0) into the search engine results with numbers as high as millions of website owners thought to have been affected.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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