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by Becky Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Its been earlier announced at Techcrunch 50 that Google will be publishing news in a different format that will be called Fast Flip. Fast Flip is a system that allows you to search the newspapers and topical magazines online and you’ll be able to flip through the articles that are presented in a similar way to a magazine.

It looks quite cool, but the only thing that will limit the success is the number of publications that are included to release their content into Google in this way.

fast flip 2

When you start to skip through the results there are then targetted adverts that are displayed on the right to try to monetarise the content. I like the positioning of the adverts .. right to the side of a big arrow pointing at them… subtle! The publishers who have signed up to Fast Flip will share the advertising revenue in an attempt to increase their overall revenue from publishing news. For the last few years sales of the traditional newspaper have plummeted as people turn to online sources for their daily news.

The only issue that will need to be rectified swiftly by Google is the destination page from the advertised new story. For instance you see this page pop up in your Fast Flip search result:

us celebrity

so with intetest of what you are being shown you click on it only to be redirected to something not even shown on the main page


I’m not sure what is controlling what the destination url is for the articles displayed but I came across lots of examples where it didn’t correspond… possibly just early issues with the system?

Fast Flip will be being initially rolled out in the US with a handful of publishers including the BBC so it will certainly be one to look out for.

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