Google Dupe Content

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Googles Dupe content filter isn’t so cut and dry as people would have you believe, I have seen it happen so many times, an article is released and syndicated around the world a day or too later, but because google’s spiders didn’t see the orginal article ( usually bad seo 😉 ), a syndicated site gets the golden original content flag and the the rest get the :

“repeat the search with the omitted results”

a Good example is a Wired article on “The internet’s two largest search engines are begging to get hacked.” this article was written on July. 02, 2005 – but Google indexed on the 4 Jul 2005

the syndicated the story and give credit to Wired and a nice little link on July 03, 2005
But, and this is a big but, google indexed them the same day …. way to go 🙂

so let see what happens….

everything looks ok : normal serps

but what about : quoted serps

and finally : the omitted serps

So it’s not just about getting content out there it’s about getting Google to see it first 😉


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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