Confused about the disavow file?

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

So the first thing this morning I was asked about was the correct format of a disavow file, as there are many views on this. Nothing new had come out of Google since the last Penguin Update but a few people have said that “They had just got out of a Partial Penalty only to be wiped out in the last Penguin Update” , we even wrote about this here.

And I can see where the confusion can start in this blog post : 

The last 2 points made me scratch my head a little :

Blog post

So if I had a Link on easy.html

would my disavow file just have : easy.html

My gut feeling is that this should be enough, if I know that it’s the only article that was ever put on that site. But I bet Google will find another way to index the link, what if the link was the first thing in the article and is a badly set up wordpress blog with urls like ( the snippet had the link ) ( the snippet had the link ) easy.html?replytocom=7062 ( seen these appear all the time)

So would it be better to : ( but in the article Google said “But if you list a subdomain, most of the time we will be able to ignore links only from that subdomain” ) MOST of the time !!!, what if you had a link on and you actually wanted to keep that link but adding may or may not discount that link so I guess  it’s better to just block :  or maybe your disavow file should just read :

# link we don’t want because we paid for this article easy.html

# actually belts and braces I noticed that they have dupe content

# actually I have 100,000’s of links to look at and why am I wasting my time on just one

maybe Uli knows the answer :

and while we are asking him maybe we should ask about the upcoming NIC.UK changes that will allow domains like to live alongside the domain Will Google see as a subdomain of and what  about so many questions and only one disavow file, maybe the disavow file should read :

# I don’t like links from russia or china

or Maybe Google should just give us a disavow testing tool

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