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by Steve Ollington
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Well this is my first post on the blog since joining Bronco a couple of weeks ago so I guess I’d better introduce myself quickly before my rant. Hi, I’m Steve. Introduction done. Now…

Google Plus

I got an email newsletter type thingy yesterday titled: “Google+ Proclaimed Dead. Is This a Fair Assessment?”

I have no idea on usage and maybe it’ll just take longer for Google+ to become accepted and grow, I don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was dead, and that’s just down to my own experience with it.

I didn’t join straight away, I kept putting it off as there were always other things which took priority. Sure if it suddenly became essential for SEO work then I’d jump straight in but despite some commentary to that effect, it wasn’t/isn’t so I waited.

When I had a bit of spare time I decided to give it a try (this was only a couple of weeks ago by the way). I spent about 20-30 seconds dragging and dropping people into circles, one of them didn’t seem to move and the whole thing seemed really pointless so I just stopped and moved on to doing something else. I thought to myself “Well, I’ll go back and have another go later!”

But I haven’t so far, and I probably never will unless everybody else starts using it. So it got 20-30 seconds out of me, and in that time it didn’t impress enough for me to bother anymore. This is silly really, you can’t tell anything in 20-30 seconds; you certainly can’t tell how useful a piece of software is, or how good a social networking platform is in that time. But, like everybody else I’m busy, I have lots of things to do each day and I’m impatient. Unless it’s needed for work at that time then I need it to be instantly clear or I won’t bother, I’ll move onto something else that is clear. It’s like that web usability book by Steve Krug called “Don’t Make Me Think!”. I already have to spend a lot of time thinking for work and life in general so I don’t want to for a new and unnecessary (for me, at that time) social site.

I wonder if that’s the problem for Google+. I wonder if peoples’ busy schedules mean that they simply don’t have the time and patience for it. It’s probably actually quite simple given a little time but to me in that brief period it was circles that could be created, with people that could be dragged and dropped into them, and then some people couldn’t be and remained at the top, and then… nope, that was it… something didn’t work exactly how I thought it would, so I had to think and it would cost me time, so I went. I’m sure there’s an easy explanation, something like that person wasn’t signed up to Google Plus but was there because they had a Google login maybe. I don’t know, but I didn’t care. It was going to cost me time and thought processing power which is not what I’m looking for unless it’s for work (and it could well become for work in the future, but for then, it wasn’t).

So there. If it is dead then that’s my theory as to “part” of the reason why (I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons, probably more important ones too but this is just my two cents).

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