Google Announce HTTPS Is A Ranking Factor

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Google announced yesterday via their Webmaster Central blog that the use of HTTPS connection on your website could well see your site rank better in their search engine results, taking a step further towards the secure web that they hope for.

In the blogpost that was entitled ‘HTTPS as a ranking factor', Google outline once again that "Security is a top priority for Google" and explained how they have invested both time and money into making sure that their search engine offers a safe environment for their users to experience the internet from and the news that secure connection enabled domains are more likely to rank predominantly will have the online webmaster community rushing to purchase an SSL certificate of their own.

Within the article Google reveal that this announcement could just be the start of things that they are looking to achieve, stating that their hope is that HTTPS will be "everywhere on the web."

Although HTTPS options have been available for a while, many website owners have decided against the decision to secure their server connection for one reason or another, while others deemed that the purchase of an SSL certificate was unnecessary but the announcement may just have them reconsider their stance on the additional annual cost (ranging from £48.99 – £172.79 per year from big name domain registrars).

Google revealed that they are not coming into this announcement blind either, claiming that they have "been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections" over the past few months, sharing that the deemed the results to be positive and allowing that to influence their choice to use HTTPS as a ranking factor.


With the news now out there, Google have pointed out that they will be releasing guidance for HTTPS  best practise which should help to guide you into the switch over should you wish to follow the message that they seem to be pushing into the market.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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