Google Analytics: Outbound Click Tracking On In-Page Analytics

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ok, this problem popped up today – we all know that outbound click tracking can be done using events or virtual page views, but my problem was that not only did we want outbound click tracking, but we also wanted to be able to see it in the In-Page Analytics report, which is a little similar to Crazy Egg, only without the heatmaps.

So first up – could I use events? A quick check on my own website (see below) where I had been using event tracking to track clicks on affiliate links showed me that that wouldn’t work – shame.

Ok, so next up I checked out The Old Deanery website, where they had a link to their booking page, which looked like this:

It was already using virtual page views to track outbound clicks, the virtual page it was giving was “/book-online”. I took a look at In-Page Analytics, but sadly it still wasn’t showing anything – but it didn’t make sense as there were page views in Google Analytics, so I switched the URL to a redirect with the same URL as the virtual page view.

So now /book-online existed and 301 redirected to

I log back into Google Analytics and check the report, low and behold, it worked!

The great thing is, because the In Page report uses the website’s current view, all the data immediately worked once the URL matched that of the tracked page view.

Job’s a good ‘un! I hope this helps some of you out there, as I couldn’t find anything on this on the Internets all afternoon.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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