Google Adwords to MS Adcenter

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Ok this is driving me crazy, all I want to do is have the account running in both Adwords and Adcenter. I have spoke to Will at about his adwords to adcenter converter which is pretty damn close to what I want.. but here is my top 3 problems and I guess so many people have the same issue ..#

1) lazy PPC management companies
2) lazy PPC management companies
3) lazy PPC management companies

seriously, I have just taken over an account that’s spending 360,000usd on PPC, I added the account to myclient center but when i asked for the adcenter login details the client said they didn’t have any budget for adcenter because adwords used it all ..

So I asked what was the conversion like between Google and Adcenter.. the client just didn’t know, they had never tested it because google could supply them with all the traffic their budget could buy, the agency was happy to setup one account and that was it, in fairness the agency setup a monster account 5 Campaigns with 90 active adgroups with 30-40 keyword sets all using {keyword:fallback}, and this is my issue. where Will’s program handled most of the stuff I did ask him to modify it which he did for me. but we still have these issues

1. it can’t yet cope with embedded DKI e.g. ‘buy {keyword: default}’ – this gets replaced in its entirety by {param2} or {param3} (see below)

2. G has various options for capitalising the keyword part – there are only the param2 and param3 places to store dynamic data in the AdCenter upload so I have used those for what I think are the most common ones: Keyword and KeyWord – if you have KeyWord in the G account, it translates it to KeyWord (stored in param2). All other capitalisations get Keyword (stored in param3).

3. M lets you specify default fallback text at the keyword level. G’s is at the ad level. I therefore use a truncation of the keyword phrase to 25 characters. This could be utter rubbish, so I also have an option to input it at the ad group level which gets applied to all kw in the M upload


1) Because google can send you all the traffic your client needs does not mean that that’s all you should do
2) Setup for the client XLS sheets with out the special Codes unique to any given ads system
3) Test the budget across many ad delivery systems, MSN, Yahoo, Google, Miva etc etc and test the ROI you might just be surprised
4) start working for your clients not for how much money you can make has quick has possible.

DaveN .. rant over

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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