Google Active As Unnatural Link Warnings Sent Out Ahead of Penguin

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

There has been a wealth of discussion surrounding the need for Google to release their next Google Penguin update, however running at a little over 10 months since the last release it seems that Google have given a little insight into where they are in terms of the new algorithm alterations being ready to push, albeit with very little indication on the actual timescales that they are working towards.

During a Google Webmaster Central hangout with John Mueller, the question was asked towards when Google Penguin would be set to be released into the search engine results and Mueller offered a small insight into where Google are with the algorithm as things stand.

John explained that engineers at Google were working on the release and indicated that they weren’t too far of being able to render the update suitable to release into their organics, however joked that it was not going to be released that morning.

With a cryptic message from Mueller looking like we could be set to see the Google Penguin update in the near future, we have received a tip off that Google have been working on more than the Penguin algorithm, sending out the latest batch of unnatural link warnings.


Speculation is high towards the correlation between these warnings being issued and the release of a major update and that could well mean that signs of Penguin getting into place for release into the wild could well be strong enough to cause website owners to quickly re-evaluate their link profiles in a bid to avoid any nasty surprises once the update runs.

Although it seems that those that hold high organic positions fear Google Penguin, especially those that have a little more black hat link activity within their profile, thousands of previously affected websites and businesses will be hoping that they will be freed from the actions they have experienced over 10 months ago.

The question is, when is Google Penguin really going to run and are you ready for it?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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