Gmail Getting A Facelift

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

With the user interface of Google search engines been handed a new design to make the site ‘pretty', it seems that Google are now looking to clean up the look of their email client, Gmail.

After logging into my account this morning I was greeted by a link within the top right hand side of my inbox, telling me that I can preview the new Gmail look, the latest in the site's redevelopment project I guess.

Naturally I opted to follow the teasing offer of a sneaky look at the new design, being drawn into the promise of a new revelation that is going to leave me with my jaw on the floor and excitement pumping through my veins.

The new Gmail look definitely falls into line with the new sleek looking Google, offering a white background, clean presentation and that questionable red hint on the sidebar that still has me wondering where it has come from.

Looking at the design I have to admit that I do actually quite like the design but this is coming from someone who likes clean and professional looking designs rather than something that is way to busy to even entertain a visitor with a low attention span.

Okay I admit that it has taken me a few minutes to really warm to the idea of actually being able to see the interface as still being Gmail, after all the theme that I placed onto my previous version offered a hell of a lot crammed into as much of the top left corner of my screen as possible, but on reflection, I like the theme.

It seems to be a small change for many of the Gmail users out there that have given into the offer of forbidden fruit that is a sneaky look at the new design but for me, I've seen my screen suddenly alter from a busy colourful screen to a crisp, clean interface.

You can now add the new theme to your Gmail interface by going to your settings > themes > Preview.

Have you had a look at the new theme yet?

Will you be using it or is the red mist on the left sidebar haunting you from your time within the main site?

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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