Free Gifts for links, This will turn into a rant!

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

I have some high traffic sites in the UK and often get sent free stuff to play with, but at the end of the day it’s my choice to decide whether or not I blog about them. Now recently Graywolf raised the subject about a Guy being Guilty of Link Payola, but wait a minute am I …

People have sent me gifts and I have linked to them ( the only person i have linked to in this whole post hasn’t sent me any gift or asked for anything in return):

Microsoft adCenter, Microsoft Live, Google Adwords, Lenovo, Berocca, Sumolounge too name a few, what about Mel Carson or Matt Cutts I have had gifts from them too, Vanessa Fox took me home and I drank her wine one night oh my god !!

The fact that I have been taken to dinner and had drinks with so so many people, can I not talk about these things or link to them for fear that My blog will be penalised or worse their sites ( makes no difference because this post will never rank anyway) Should I NOFOLLOW everything because I know that a link is a vote of confidence in the eyes of a search engine, and it should if all things are equal influence the search engines, but for gods sake that’s what the search engines want isn’t it, isn’t Google a link based Search Engine?

Do you want the web to read something like, “Yes it is a great book you should read it, I would have linked to it but I don’t want the site that I purchased it from penalised although the site has a sale on and you can get it 20% cheap than Amazon, I also bought my wife a new car it’s awesome, I dare not link to the garage because it’s local to me and I would not want to hurt their search engine rankings, I went to London in august with my wife and kids I would tell you what a great places to visit with kids are, but I’m too scared to link just in case they get a penalty just like me !”

Now this is turning into a rant and that pisses me off, I TESTED AN OFF THE SHELF AUTOMATED SPAM TOOL AND THE SITE I TESTED IT ON RANKS TOP 10 .. but you guessed it I’m not going to link to that either I wouldn’t want them to get a penalty either, the fact that I’m a SEO means I can’t just link out any more and therefore maybe just maybe I shouldn’t blog either. btw the Sumo Lounge is friggin awesome and I’m going to get Dan Horton to blog about so that, and you know what I’m going to make him link to their site … and maybe even twice !!!


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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