Excuse me Google, did you just advertise its OK to pay a Blogger

by Anthony Shapley
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Chrome, earlier this year already found its self in hot water regarding its naughty blogging activities. Anyway, this has all since been forgotten about by most people. However on Sunday evening, whilst sipping my cup of tea at home I nearly spat it back out in disbelief when this Advert for Google Chrome came on TV:

I’m pretty sure, they’ve just told everyone sat watching NCIS on Sunday evening that its OK to send your Products to Bloggers, plus millions more people since, so they can link to you and write about your product. However there have been numerous instances in the past of people getting penalised for doing just that. From memory a bean bag company got a kickin for doing just that, a couple years ago.

So maybe the Cambridge Satchell company, who now we’re blogging about too 😉 should get a visit from the Google Police. Or perhaps, the Chrome Marketers need another slap on the wrist. Either way, I’d love to hear Matt Cutt’s opinion on this.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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