EU Cookie Law – Does *anyone* know how it is going to work?

by David W
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

The new European Cookie Law comes into effect towards the end of this month, I’ve read it is the 25th May (26th May according to the BBC) and I still don’t know anyone who:

A) Is prepared for the change
B) Knows how they will technically deal with the problem.

ICO guidance is far from explicit, basically the ruling has been made but nobody has got a clue how this would technically be enforced.

One solution that Carps mentioned in his EU cookie directive post (don’t click it, it has a million popups) is that YouTube have created a non-cookie version of YouTube. Maybe it will be necessary to do this for all other websites? Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin? (Great idea for one)

So please, if anyone has some amazing idea on how the are going to deal with this problem (and we would like technical details, not this airy fairy stuff the ICO are supplying) then please post up your idea on our Google Moderator series – we’ll post the best solutions on the David Naylor blog for all to see.

All I can foresee happening at the moment is every other site I visit having a popup asking if they can store a cookie, and if I say no – well I guess I’ll get the popup again as soon as I refresh the page?

I can’t tell you how much this makes me angry, there are plenty of ways to opt out of things online and in my opinion this is an ill thought out solution by someone with very little knowledge of how the Internet works. Talking to many people (web developers etc.) it appears most people haven’t planned to do anything, I imagine if no websites conform to the new law then it may be a little difficult for the EU bureaucrats to enforce.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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