Early Month Fluctuations – Were Google Testing Something?

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

Google make no secret of the fact that they are constantly testing out new algorithms and changes to their current ranking factors, claiming that they make over 500 changes a year however generally changes that seem to result from these are either covered by industry blogs or announced publically within the webmaster forums as people report on what they are seeing, making this latest instance a strange one for us.

While looking over various keyword rankings on clients, testing sites and various other properties, we noticed that some keywords had seen significant movements both positive and negative but on closer inspection on a wider scale, the changes weren't so much an isolated occurrence, instead they were seen on various properties that we monitor.

Changes to the SERPs saw keyword rankings increase, others reduce and some pages appear within competitive market spaces for a short time before either vanishing from the top 3 pages  or finding their home in a lower down position (although higher than the terms were before the movements).

Examples of the changes that we saw can be seen in these small snippets that we track within our inhouse rank checker (graphs based on top 30 results for this post):

Keyword 1:

Term moved from 30th > 8th > Outside top 30 (following day)


Keyword 2:

Term moves about within the SERPs and settles 11th position on the 5th April


Keyword 3:

Keyword dropping however settles within the drop on a date that is becoming more apparent…


Keyword 4:

Term starts to make the climb on 28th March…


I should point out that the graphs above are all from different websites that we track performance of and that some of these are taken from third party sites that we monitor within our competitor research, hence the reason that we do not share the niche or terms with you.

We have seen other terms both client based and third party that have benefited from the shake up but the question is, was this Google playing a little April Fools or have you seen such movement between 28th March – 5th April (7 days)?

Let us know in the comments!

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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