Do Google Know You Have Been Hit By Algorithms But Fail To Tell You?

by Alex Graves
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency


Is vital information hidden?

Following the inception of the automatic sanitary checking era, Google have embarked on a mission to increase the information that they share with website owners in a bid to aid their fight to produce a spam free search engine, however it seems that once again thoughts are being aired that they could still be holding out on valuable information regarding your site.

Back in August of this year, Google announced that they had released a new manual actions checkpoint within their Google Webmaster Tools platform that would inform site owners whether their site was under manual penalisation and expressed a willing to share limited information towards why that action what taken, however their willingness to share information stopped when it came to the algorithmic updates that were rolled into motion (Google Panda and Penguin).

Recent discussions have revealed that Google could well have this information within their arsenal following a HackerNews discussion that saw Google's head of web spam, Matt Cutts, make a comment regarding a site that has seen a reduction in organic search engine rankings.

Cutts revealed that the site had suffered negatively due to the Google Panda algorithm, sparking discussion towards whether this information is held in a backend tool and if they did, how come they have not shared this information with site owners too?

In tough times, a vast amount of website owners are now suffering reduced organic rankings and many fail to possess the information required to be able to rectify any issues that could be causing their penalty, leaving many smaller businesses in a situation where they need to seek outside help in order to establish what could be the cause of their drop in search engine visibility.

Google have not yet spoken about whether they are going to introduce this level of information into their Webmaster Tools platform but if they were to make the change, it would allow greater clarity within the industry so that website owners could work on bringing their sites back into line with the quality guidelines that Google are so keen to enforce.

I personally believe that Google do have this information and that would be automatically generated within the Google algorithm that was affecting a site, it wouldn't make sense to build something internally that took such action against websites without generating information related to that impact for further inspection if needed.

Will Google introduce the information in future? Do you feel that they should be allowed to keep some data for their eyes only?

Let me know what you think below.

Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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