DNS Cache Poisoning

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

It’s a sad day, well a sad few weeks really (NOT having A GO at Pageoneresults) , and I know he meant well in trying to warn people about this problem but it’s as old as the Hills : DNS Cache Poisoning at Threadwatch, But he is the really problem now .. I bet more poeple are working out HOW to DO DNS Cache Poisoning than working out how to fix a open DNS Server … BTW some DNS servers need to be open .. oh hum .

It’s just reminds me of when hijacking peoples domains in Google was unheard of, then it went main stream, google had to fix the problem … but it didn’t happen over night and I saw more sites get jacked in that period than in the previous 2.5 years, before it went main stream..

can you imagine all the open dns servers attacking google.. what would happen then, google blocks them and any sites that those servers are the primary dns for get lost in the Dark pit of G-supermentals 😉


Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency
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