Digg just listen to your People

by David Naylor
Bronco - Digital Marketing Agency

so the Top Diggers and Social Media Marketers have got their runderwear in a twist, when Kevin Rose announced some algorithm changes the top diggers complained and planned a boycott, As if that would ever happen, you see the top Diggers are just like SEO’s. For years I have been a Live.com stalwart promoting and speaking Good of them, but every day I open my Browser surf around on Google, even today I found myself looking at ways to improve my Google experience.. yes Google is my drug of choice and I can't help myself !!
So what's Kevin Rose trying to do, well i think he's trying give newbie diggers a chance to get on the front page, which is of course the Social Media Marketers don't like that they get big dollars for those slots, same as SEO’s get for being #1 in Google.
So what’s the main issue then .. well first Rebecca Kelly and her runderwear didn't make the frontpage
It got 72 diggs within 24 hours but didn’t get promoted. I didn’t game Digg for votes (only 8 people on my friends list dugg the story

And Tamar ( Top digger !!!)
Is finding it harder and harder to get front page

My guess is the new Digg algo is to prevent gaming Digg, but if power users can't hit the home page do you run the risk of the home page being totally gamed, the same as Google's battle on paid links. Some Google power users still get a free pass on that !, so what if the Social Media Marketers are playing with Digg a little as long as they are still contributing to the Digg user experience i don't see what the issue is…

A word of advice :
Don’t piss on your users. It will make them wet and smelly, like really old people and no one wants to hang out in a place like that. … good soup though!


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